Our roasting process brings out the flavors of cherry, chocolate and cinnamon in beans from Kona, Kauai and Maui.

Together, they create a pure Hawaiian coffee blend that is as magical as our islands.

Pure Hawaiian Coffee

Only high quality beans make truly delicious coffee. nkope uses only the finest beans from Kauai, Maui and the famous Kona coffee region on the island of Hawaii in our unique, pure Hawaiian coffee blend.

All the Flavors of Hawaii

nkope has rich chocolate, cinnamon and berry notes with no flavor additives. The unique climate on each island yields beans that differ in shape, color and aroma. To enhance their unique characteristics, we roast each type of bean separately. We then combine them in a blend as rich as Hawaii’s culture.

Kona Coffee is Not the Only Hawaiian Coffee

The Kona coffee region on the island of Hawaii is not the only place where fine Hawaiian coffee grows. Award-winning Maui and Kauai coffees are used in the nkope pure Hawaiian coffee blend, adding to the delicious flavor palette.
nkope pure Hawaiian coffee
Many Kona coffee blends use just 10% Kona coffee mixed with poor quality beans from other countries. That’s because fine quality Kona coffee is rare. What nkope discovered is that carefully selecting, roasting and blending other rare Hawaiian coffee beans with Kona coffee adds richness and complexity without sacrificing quality.

Hawaiian Coffee Culture

Coffee was brought to Hawaii more than 100 years ago. Today, more than 800 farmers nurture every tree, using fair labor and fair trade practices to produce Hawaii’s rare and precious coffee. Widely regarded among the finest in the world, Hawaiian coffee has won countless international awards for quality.

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Linford “Kamaka” Ho’opai, our artisan roaster, has perfected blends and roasting techniques that specifically distinguish Hawaiian coffee. Nkope pure Hawaiian coffee produces an aroma and rich flavor with hints of chocolate, cinnamon and berries that reflect the unique character of beans grown throughout Hawaii.


We have selected the best beans throughout the islands to create a 100% Hawaiian island blend. You will note that they are all different shapes and sizes in our secret formula to create our unique blend. Each island brings a different characteristic for our coffee profile.

nkope pure Hawaiian coffee