October 2018

People ask this question because coffee grown in the Kona region of the big island of Hawaii is so well known. First, not all Hawaiian coffee is grown in Kona.  On the "Big Island," coffee grows in other regions, Puna, for example.  Coffee is also grown on the islands of Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Molokai and I'll bet somebody even has coffee trees on Niihau! Second, if you give the very same green coffee beans to 3 different roasters, odds are, you'll get 3 very different coffees.  The beans are really important, but so is the roasting technique. With nkope, we were after two key things:  Sometimes even the best smelling and tasting coffee has a "sour" or acidic after taste.  It can linger in your mouth and actually taste bad -- especially if it stays on your tongue too long.  That's why