Pegge Hopper

FIVE STRAND PIKAKE by artist Pegge Hopper

Nothing captures the spirit of Hawaii better than the images of local artist Pegge Hopper. In the true spirit of aloha, Pegge has honored nkope by allowing us to make her iconic image, Five Strand Pikake, the face of nkope pure Hawaiian coffee.

The favorite lei of Princess Kaiulani, a pikake lei strand or two indicates friendship. Five strands symbolize a deep and abiding love. Such is the love of Hawaii we strive to incorporate in our pure Hawaiian coffee.

pegge hopper


Pegge Hopper was born in Oakland, CA. She studied painting at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design. In 1956, she worked in New York for Raymond Loewy Associates. Living in Milan, Italy from 1961-­1963, she was an illustrator for laRinascente.

Pegge came to Honolulu in 1963 and was an art director for a local agency. After visiting the State Archives and seeing old photographs of native Hawaiians, she was inspired to start painting again. Her works are represented in many prominent and private collections such as the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, The Pacific Club, Montage Kapalua Bay, and Bishop Museum.

Her gallery opened in 1983 in Honolulu’s Historic Chinatown.

pegge hopper
nkope pure Hawaiian coffee